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Foosball Tables

Poker World is Australia’s leading online store to offer a huge variety in foosball tables at cheap wholesale prices, to take your entertainment to the next level.

Our Foosball Soccer Table provides all the fast-paced excitement and competitive spirit of a soccer match in the comfort of your own home. With the Foosball soccer table, you'll be able to wow and entertain the guests at your next dinner party or Barbie session. Appealing to old and young alike, the Foosball Soccer Table is perfect for reliving childhood memories, spending quality time with family, or just plain having a great time! Featuring sturdy construction, the Foosball Soccer Table has all you need to get into the game, including a score counter for each side. So don't let the fun pass you by. Order your Foosball Soccer Table today!

We are based in Melbourne and provide delivery across Australia.

Deluxe Foos Ball/ Soccer Table